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Save file if Scratch Disk gets disconnected

So I was working on a song in Record+Reason and I inadvertently kicked the AC adapter for the external hard drive enclosure I use as my scratch disk unplugged (needless to say I felt pretty stupid afterward, and I intend to reposition it so that this is impossible in the future). As a result, I lost some work. I also had my first experience ever with Record's recovery system.

The file stayed open, and I could play it with no apparent loss in quality (there was only a small amount of audio, so I'm not sure where it was being stored, it maybe could have fit in my RAM, for all I know), but if I tried to click "save as," it would simply freeze on the "copying audio" dialog until I hit cancel. I reconnected the scratch disk, and it still didn't work. I figured that since the audio was the problem, I'd try deleting the audio tracks so I could at least save my synth tracks. Once I deleted the audio tracks and hit save as, the program froze, and my laptop went blue screen. This isn't a bug so much as I had obviously done something you're not supposed to do with the program.

Now, when I rebooted and restarted Record, I was surprised to find that the program had somehow managed to recover the audio that it had been unable to copy earlier. My project was gone, but Record had successfully recovered my raw audio. Kudos to Propellerhead for that one, I had thought the audio was lost for sure.

One thing I'd like to see in an update (actually a "feature" I hope to never have to use) is some way for the program to save whatever it can in the project when there's a scratch disk error, in order to make recovery easier. This would have saved me some time rebuilding the routing. In this particular situation, it wasn't a huge deal, but I could see it saving someone a lot of trouble.