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see the faders / knobs moving..

Hi Guys

Not a very important thing, but still wondering..

When you connect the output of an LFO via CV to a combinator knob, and assign that knob to let's say the pitch wheel of the same (or another) device inside the combinator, you can see the pitch wheel moving..

However, if you don't use a combinator, you won't see the wheel moving.

-create a subtractors
-connect the LFO out of the Subtactor to Pitch Wheel of the same Substractor. You can hear the sound pitching up and down, but ypi cannot see the pitch wheel move

-Now create a combinator and insert a Subtactor
-Connect the LFO out of the Subtactor to Rotary 1 of the combinator
-Assign the combinator's Rotary 1 to Pitch Bend
You can now also see the pitch wheel moving up and down

As said, it's not a real problem, but I personally like to see what the knobs / faders are doing when some CV signal is affecting them

Shouldn't be a big deal to programm it since the knobs / faders / wheels do move when automation is recorded or the signal is coming via combinator

Or am I missing something.. some settings / options?