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My new album is out, free download 90% R+R

It will be up on itunes soon, but here is a link to the bandcamp page.

Almost the entire album was either touched with or done completely in R+R

It is hip-hop so if you don't like that genre you may not like this ha ha

Let me break it down track by track, lots of them started in R4 so I could not sample directly in to the program R5 would have saved me a step. but anyway.

Change (Intro) 02:03 Everything was sampled in to Ableton then exported to Recycle, then composed, arranged, mixed in Reason.

Genesis (Feat. Relic) 02:43 Vocals where chopped up in Recycle and this song is %100 Reason 4, it was even mixed there. Most of the synths are Thor

Scratchin (Instrumental Feat. Expressive Aphasia) 01:56 Sampled to Ableton, then Recycle, then mixed, composed in Reason 4

Building (Feat. Queen) 03:19 Composed in Reason 4, mixed in Record, the bass line is from the Reason Bass refill

Craftsman at work (Interlude) 01:15 Sampled in to Ableton, then Recycle, then composed, mixed in Reason 4

Heads in a Net (Feat. Inner Sessions) 03:14 Composed in Reason 4 it used the Reason drums, Reason Pianos, Electro keys, and Miroslav refills. Mixed in Record.

They Know (Feat. Ace the Time) 02:15 Composed in Logic, mixed in Record

Summertime Jump Off (Feat. Spanish Harlem, Step Child, Aaron Hill of Ivory Hill) 03:12 This one is %100 R+R all bass and guitar are from the POD's, keys from Electro, drums from Jason McGerr refill

Let it Go (Feat. Stress One) 02:05 This was composed in Pro tools, with Battery, the IK Ampeg plugin and Tranfuser, mixed in record.

Mean (Explicit Feat. Holly Heffelbower, Relic) 04:03 %100 R+R all sounds from the POD's, and electro.

With Precision (Feat. B-Mac and Kre8 da Redbeerd) 04:18 This was composed with Maschine, mixed in Record.

Free Sample 03:33 Vocals where chopped up in Recycle and brought in to Reason 4, this is %100 Reason, it was even mixed there.

Relic Will Punch You In The Face Genesis Remix (Feat. Relic) 02:42 100% R+R all guitar sounds from POD's

Soft and Sweet (Feat. Jordan Santana) 03:15 Composed in Pro tools with Battery, Mixed in Record.

She wears this cap (Feat. Don Chaffer) 01:44 Composed in Maschine, mixed and arranged in Record.

I should also note that it was mastered in Presonus studio one.

anyway let me know what you think. I hope you guys enjoy it.

It would be great if you could share it with all your friends and at least like the page on facebook ha ha

and if you really like it you can follow me on soundcloud

also the Drunk Pedestrians mailing list is here, if you like this sign up and I can email you when I have more music to give away.

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