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Who else thinks the Props Forum layout/navigation sucks?

A the title says: I think that the Forum layout and navigation system is awful.

I love Reason/ Record; it's incredibly user-friendly, the documentation that comes with it is excellent; it does everything I need in audio production (I've been using music software since 1983, and now I only use Reason 5/Record 1.5, except in the rarest of circumstances where I need ReWire capability) .

However, sometimes I need more information - a particular technique, specific help with particular features of the devices, creative methods and patching help. That sort of thing.

I hate how badly-implemented this forum is. It's ridiculously hard to find the information I need. You may have noticed that I've only made 4 posts prior to this one - and that's because the forum is so badly organised.

I'm used to php forums - click on a topic and every answer to the original post is there, in order, and instantly available. I can easily glance at a post, realise it isn't relevant to my interests, and move on to the next one. I can even elect to jump in 10 pages into the topic, if I'm only interested in the most recent answers. Easy, immediate, and easily search-able.

The Props forum reminds me of 90s bulletin boards - and I'm not into nostalgia. I have to click on the post; then click on the next post, then the next. Meanwhile, someone has responded to an earlier post; that means there is now a separate sub-thread, which I can choose to follow, but if I want to go on with the original thread I have to go back up the line. It's so slow! And so confusing!

And there is no indication of how many responses there are in each individual sub-thread, so you don't even know if the sub-thread is worth pursuing. And I can't easily tell if the post in a particular sub-thread comes before or after another post in a different sub-thread. Yes, this matters!

And only 4 forum categories? General; Feature Suggestions; Music; User. This is insane. There should be sub-forums under each category. For example:

Propellerhead has four basic product streams: Reason, Record, Recycle, and Refills. As a bare minimum, each Forum category should have a sub-forum for each product stream. If I'm searching for information on Reason feature suggestions, I don't want to plough my way through all the other products.

Even better: each product stream should have sub-forums that deal with the product's particular features and devices . I'd like to be able to ask questions about Neptune, knowing that the people who are browsing the Neptune sub-forum are probably either expert in its use, or as baffled as me. Instead, it will get buried in amongst all the other questions about everything else.

Nor can you create a poll - yep, I wanted to create this thread as a poll along the lines of:

{option 1} I like the current forum format - don't change a thing!
{option 2} I would prefer a php style forum format - change it now!
{option 3} Fish!

Can't be done. Why not? Every other forum I belong to (and I do mean every forum) lets me do this.

Are you with me on this? Would you prefer a php style forum, with sub-forums?