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Smile Global Solo and mute.

I'm an engineer in Nashville Tn. and a hardcore Protools, Record and Reason user. I, like many engineers, use two monitors to view a larger picture of either Protools and/or Record, having the fader pack/mixer page on one monitor and waveform/sequence page on the other monitor. In using protools, when I solo or mute a region on the channel strip, it is clearly defined on both the fader pack, the control/24 and the waveform page. However, in Record when you solo or mute, for example, from the fader/mix window, only that channel strip that you soloed or muted will indicate the action. It would be great to be able to see a global mute or solo across all pages in record like it is in Protools. Call me lazy, but work flow seems to increase when I can visually see, on both monitors what I have soloed or muted. Anyway, keep up the great work, I love, love, love using Record as a stand alone and in conjunction with Protools. I hope this helps. Oh and if there is a preference not activated that allows this function to happen in record, then please forgive me for taking up your time.

thanks again