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Cool Remix my tune with R & R and win our Drumhead Refill

I'm calling people out to remix my latest tune "Till We Flow"

So download the Record file and remix it the way you want. When you're done, upload your Record file and send a download link to my e-mail address deepndark @

The Rules:

1) The Record file can't be bigger than 60mb
2) You can't use NNXT or NN19 - however you can use the Reason synths and Redrum & Kong.
3) Please make a 320kbps mp3 as well just in case, maybe my dualcore can't handle your Record file.
4) The lenght of the tune can't be more than 5 minutes long.

That's it - the deadline is 20th December - I will announce the winner as soon as I've heard all the enrties.

The winner will get a copy of DopeTank's Drumhead Refill.

A bit some info about this tune:
The master combi on the top of the song has an "Air-maker" effect chain that I tried for the first time.
As you see I have quiet a many EQ's etc. This is not always the case but sometimes I go a bit crazy with the master section.


Happy remixing and good luck!!