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Exclamation Oversampling in Reason devices

Incorporate an oversampling option to the Reason synths and devices. This would be the smartest way to improve the existing synths and devices withouth having to break backwards compatibility.

In my mind, the oversampling option could be added to the "Mix Channel" device that gets added with the devices in the rack, that way you could set the entire chain that utilizes that particular mix channel to X amount of oversampling. We could have the following oversampling options: Normal, 2x, 4x and 8x (maybe even up to 16x?).

This would also leave people with less powerful systems the freedom to set Reason to standard quality but then render their output in high quality. Win Win for everyone!

This is an issue that we have only recently started to touch upon. I have made various requests in the past on how to improve the quality of Reasons synths, especially the older ones (Subtractor and Malström). I want to suggest a realtively simple but effecient way to update all the synths and devices for this age and day.


It struck me that not everone might now what oversampling is.

Well, I'll be happy to explain (what little I know anyways). Oversampling basically means that you render the audio in i.e. a synth at X times higher than the actual playback rate. This is a trick that have been used for years in various software and VA synths as means to get rid of or atleast partially remove unwanted artifacts such as aliasing and to increase overall fidelity.

In computer games a similar technique known as full screen anti aliasing, or FSAA for short is quite common. It means that you render the produced image in X times the screen resolution and then downsample it back to the actual resolution as means to remove jagged edges in a 3D environment.

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