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Question Recrd Enable Automation remotable.

how do you do for enable the record enable automation button from a control surface?

i'm searching a way to enable all tracks for record automation but there isn't

there is a remotable item, but only for the selected track and when you move to the next track, the "record enable" button is disabled.

the actual solution is enabling with mouse one by one. no option to "record enable automation for all tracks" and click only once!

it could be good to have an option to "automatic record enabled automation" so if you move a control, the track is automatic enabled and starts to record.

i'm searching for a fast way to enable automation on Record mixer channels, but you first have to create sequencer tracks on sequencer and then enable the record automation buttons...

i need something faster. a way to enable button from surface and automatically create sequencer tracks if needed and starts to rec automation.

i'm thinking in Remotable Items for Record Master Section
//Map	??		Channel 1 Enable Automation Recording
//Map	??		Channel 2 Enable Automation Recording
//Map	??		Channel 64 Enable Automation Recording
and a Remotable item for Record Document Scope

//Map	??		Target Track Enable Automation Recording
//Map	??		All Tracks Enable Automation Recording

What do you think?