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Music Forum List

Here is the beginnings of a Music Forum list. Sometimes, I just need one and I love looking at the different countries and genres. It's in alphabetical order, by forum name. Please add/correct/delete if you want and copy the new list into your post, so the latest post has the latest list. It's in comma separation format so you can copy into a spreadsheet to print it out or have a version on your desktop. If you'd like to add a comma and another website at the end of your line, that would be nice. I started by hopping around the forum and soundcloud and soundclick and people's websites, so ommissions do not reflect my opinions of your music (please add yourself - in your alphabetical spot).

Forum Name, First Name, Last Name, City or Area, Country, Music Site, Site Name, Songs, Genres

adfielding, Adam, Fielding, Huddersfield, UK, soundcloud, adfielding, 12, Electronic Rock
AG858, Adam, , Glasgow, UK, soundcloud, AG858, 21, Dance Soundscape
AvatarOne, Mike, , London, UK, soundcloud, AvatarOne, 24, Funk Electronica
ClarkTW, Clark, Williams, , US, bandcamp, ClarkTW, 11, Rock
Dave909, Dave, Nyberg, , BEL, soundcloud, Dave909, 11, Hiphop
ddstuart, David, Stuart, Redondo Beach, US, soundcloud, Archimedes, 14, Electronic R&B
ecopro, Ed, , New York, US, soundcloud, GEM, 16, Dance Electronic
electrifusion, Ingo, , Munich, GER, soundcloud, electrifusion, 24, Techno Acid Dance
GetRowdy, Joe, Torre, West Chester, US, soundcloud, GetRowdy, 23, House
gwakefield, Geoff, Wakefield, London, CAN, soundcloud, raven 2741, 15, Guitar Rock Electronica
Jagwah, Travis, , Perth, AUS, soundcloud, Jagwah, 8, House
jase73, Jason, Munn, Adelaide, AUS, soundcloud, Jase Munn, 12, Electronic Classical
jfrichards, John, Richards, San Francisco, US, soundcloud, John Richards, 13, Funk Jazz
Kibeja, Chris, Philpotts, Cincinnati, US, soundcloud, Kibeja, 14, New Age Funk Jazz Electronic
Mizimo, Yasmin, B, Yorkshire, UK, soundcloud, Mizimo, 20, Pop Electronica Piano
moderndayfreak, JoJo, , Ontario, US, soundclick, ModernDayFreak, 98, Guitar Rock
Musicalrain, Joe, Castillo, Bardstown, US, soundcloud, Musicalrain, 19, Dance Chill
papapajama, Ronnie, Pollock, , UK, soundcloud, DySFUNCTIONAL, 31, Dance Electronic
Particle Junkie, Flynn, Gleason, Oakland, US, , soundcloud, Particle Junkie, 9, Electronic R&B
Peachy, Pete, Watson, London, UK, soundcloud, PeteGWatson, 24, Guitar Rock
pirnikas, Heikki, Roots, , FIN, soundclick, reflexionx, 66, Hiphop Electronica
Realtime Music, Frank, Schneider, Dinslaken, GER, soundcloud, Realtime Music, Funk Pop
scouterscout, Tony, , , US, soundcloud, ASM, 15, Funk Chill Electronica
selfdude, Chris, M, Tuscaloosa, US, soundcloud, TheGrammarPolice, 14, Alternative
Soft Enerji, Mark, Blane, Sydney, AUS, soundcloud, Soft Enerji, 8, Ambient Electronic
ssgamelord, Sondre, , Troms, NOR, soundcloud, 10th Harmonic, 16, Electronic Dance
Zunique, Zuni, Stevenson, Glasgow, UK, soundcloud, Zunique, 53, House Ballad Pop
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