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Reason 5 and Sonar 8.5 rewire mode problem

HI, i was having an annoying problem with sonar and reason 5 in rewire mode.. i opened up an empty project in sonar, then launch reason 5 and started to do some music, but everytime i record a track from reason 5, the program freezes up to 4 sec before it returns to its working condition. i cant work like this having to wait for too long everytime i record a track inside reason 5. i have a decent pc setup. And most of all i just upgraded my reason program from version 4 to version 5, when im using the reason 4 version i have no problem with this rewire. i tried to reinstall, reformat, and switch between two version but nothing changed for the reason 5 problem. i really want to use reason 5 for the dr. octo rex feature. im hoping for any advice about this.. thank you!