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That is a good list of "sane" feature requests. A lot of my biggest problems are workflow related (faster, indexed browser and the autoplay filesize limitation, loop mode record, proper audio loop support in Record that detects acid/apple loop tempo, etc). I'm always stunned whenever I click an audio file that's larger than 2mb and get that "too large for autoplay" message (and yet, I can press the browser Play button to hear it?)...

From my own personal vault, I would add:

- Massive Matrix device upgrade (or additional "ubermatrix" device)
- Combinator device upgrade (more knobs and buttons, at least)
- Line 6 device upgrades (all patches supported, more editing potential)
- Integrated Recycle (of some sort)

I like the idea of keeping requests short.. Propellerheads might want to know what we want, but not necessarily implementation details

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