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Question Mastering à la Ozone 4 (with graphic) in R/R ?

hey guys!

i recently took a look at izotopes ozone 4. since (as we all know!) there is no better software then R/R, i still have to say this is one great plug-in. first i have to say that its a special mastering plug-in for VST-hosts such as PT,Logic etc. and i have been told, its ONE OF THE BEST in the entire universe.
on the other hand I THINK there is almost nothing, that it does with the sound, that we can not do inside R/R (they are very proud of mid-side-mastering too!) !!

the 2nd thing i wanted to share with u is, that i REALLY REALLY like their UI ! i dont want to spam or sth. but with ozone 4 u have always a great overview of your effects and important fx-faders (for comp,limit etc) at you fingertips and a seperate,big channel meter. there is also a spectrum analyzer included, with really great features ( for single tracks and master channel)!!!

finally, here is my feature suggestion:

i would love to see some ozone4 inside my R/R without external VST. some special summing of effects including spectrum analyzer for each track and master-channel, reference features and some new presets.

how could this be done the PH-way ? i dont know....
i can imagine myself clicking onto a coloured LED that occurson the lower corner of each fader inside the SSL-mixer. clicking this button will "zoom-into the fader" and show channel/track metering and the channels inserts (from the combi). u can load your inserts there, and choose which controles (from limiter,comp etc.)u want to have access to inside the "zoomed-in" channel-faders (ozone 4 copy).......
this would be very similar to what we can do at SSL's inserts section. but the combination with important effect controls, and awesome spectrum analyzer functions (4-band graphic eq etc.) impressed me a lot !!!

i know JB said he doesnt really need those visualisation features for mixing, and recommends to use the ears and listen, instead of "watching" the sound. however he also said he always treats sounds like colours when mixing......(confusing me!?)

what do you think? ozone implementation technically doable? would it be useful for you ?? did you at least understood what i was trying to say ?? should i just use ozone ??

thanx for reading. replies highly appreciated ....

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