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Angry Does Anybody Out There Care?..

There has been a disturbing trend on this forum for it to go the way of so many other forums.
Seemingly left to "run wild", it has drifted away from what I felt to be it's primary purpose. Namely to communicate ideas and build a community of fellow Propellerhead's users.

I don't know wether there is any kind of active moderation or to what extent these threads are monitored as there are no obvious details that I could find relating to any policing nor any apparent moderation in force.

It's sad to see more and more abusive style posts appearing and the self-important keyboard-based bullies going unchallenged.*
I stopped visiting this forum a while ago because of a few individuals' poor online manners and came back to see if things had changed..*
I am sad to say that it only appears to have gotten worse.

It is sad to think that the Prop's own customer base may be alienated from what should be the first point of contact for many users by the thoughtless and cowardly actions of a few unchecked egotists. But nevertheless, this is what is happening.

Now I don't advocate the stifling of free speech nor excessive editing, but simple manners and respect are a base for any community if it is to survive as such.

Am I alone in thinking this?.. Do any other members feel disheartened by the unnecessary vitriol that is bounced around these threads?..*

If I am wrong, then I will simply go away and happily frequent the "friendlier" forums of which I am already a more active member. But if, as I suspect other members feel this way also, then maybe it's time to demand some action from the "invisible moderators"