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Record System Requirements

Okay, now that I have maxed out my RAM, I think can say two things with much confidence:
  1. The published System Requirements for Record will not get you very far.
  2. "Multiple core highly recommended." Translation: This application was optimized for multiple cores and simply will not perform well on with a single core processor.

The pertinent published system requirements:
  • Intel P4 / AMD Athlon XP at 2GHz or better (multiple cores highly recommended)
  • 1 GB RAM or more
  • 2 GB free hard disk space (program may use up to 20 GB scratch disk space)
  • Windows XP (SP2)*, Vista or Windows 7
  • Audio Interface with ASIO driver
My system is a 3.00GHz P4 w/XP SP3 and an M-Audio Audiophile 2496 sound card. Previously, I was running with 1GB of RAM. With that amount of RAM, even Reason with just a few devices loaded would generate pops, clicks and occasional stutters. Record was essentially unusable. It would take forever to load and the Baguettes demo sond would play about 10 seconds and then crap out.

So I took a chance and maxed out the RAM to 4GB. I did not add the 3GB switch to the boot ini file as the onoard video is sharing RAM, so really I have about 3.26GB available and I figured I might get reduced kernel performance if I added the 3GB switch.

Anyway, the computer naturally works a lot better in general now with the extra RAM. There was a very noticeable reduction in paging to disk. Reason also performs better; no more pops or clicks with my limited testing since upgrading the RAM. Record now loads faster, but it still can't play the demo Baguettes song worth a darn.

So I would say for Record, multiple cores appears to be even more important than lots of RAM. I have a decent amount of RAM now and my processor is spec’ed 50% faster than the recommended minimum. Clearly, Record is optimized for multiple cores.

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