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Alright, hi eveyone!

So i made a hip hop song a while back and figured i'd go for something opposite, black metal! (or whatever you wanna call it really)

Since my main guitar is at the workshop I made it with my cheap cort in standard E tuning. I've been without my white beauty Ibanez for more than 2 months due to crappy customer service, and it has left me scratching the walls with fury!

I used pod farm for the tone and spent exactly 2 minutes mastering it (SSL mixer, apply mastering preset!) yes thats a rather long time to just add a patch

and yes that is me trying to growl and scream. I got a sore throat after a while and had to stop though

I hope you can bear with me, I have a huge writers block for a long time now so im happy to be able to post at all!

Greetings and may the grim reaper watch over your soul!
metal and vgm like stuff
and at your own risk