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Survey: When Do You Guys Add Your Vocals/Lyrics?

Hello Everyone in Propellerhead Land,

I'm still relatively new to Reason5/Record1.5 and with song writing in general, so I have to ask you guys a couple questions.

I have written a couple of songs up till now, and they turned out so-so (for a beginner). What I have been doing up till now is start with chord progressions for verse, chorus and bridge. I then compose a basic melodic line to each of them, and maybe a guitar melody, and then a bass line, and then a drum loop.

Usually around this time, I usually have about 4-5 tracks composed in my song by this time of the above. This is when I usually think of adding in lyrics/vocals.

So up till now, lyrics/vocals have come in late in my song writing process. I've been doing alot of studying and researching about music theory and song writing the past few days. The question has come up in my mind as to is this the best way to work? Would it be better to work on the lyrics early in the song rather than late? How have you guys incorporated lyrics into your songs?

Any input will be highly appreciated.