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Reason instruments on smart phones for live performance

Much of the attraction to Reason/Record is that each instrument in the rack can not only be wired in so many ways, but can be fiddled with independently. What if one could do this fiddling on the road? Imagine having Subtractor ported for your phone with a single-note lane sequencer just to play with sounds. Imagine it could save off the ZYP file so you could open it up at your studio and plug it into a song you're working on. Most phone music apps don't integrate with studio equipment - Propellerhead could change that.

Furthermore, imagine making a cool patch at the studio, copying it to your phone, and then while jamming in the van or playing a gig, you hook your phone up to an amp, and then interface with a MIDI device for live performance sounds. Mapping knobs of a MIDI keyboard to the various Subtractor adjustments could make for some cool real-time sounds. Also, in the Android world, MIDI over wifi is working, some have got Bluetooth MIDI working, and with USB On The Go (Host) mode support on many phones, one could plug in their USB-MIDI keyboard (Akai LPK25 or M-Audio Oxygen 8 for examples) directly into their phone and have very portable and very flexible synthesizer.

So how about it? Few could really make use of a full blow Reason port to a phone, and Rebirth is fun for making beats, but what about making pads and leads? What about MIDI interface for recording quick ideas or live playback? That's an untapped market so far...especially in a way where the work can be easily used at the desktop workstation without any cumbersome file conversions.