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Record 1.5 & Thor. Is it only MIDI?

I have a question about Record, as I have not used it but would really like to purchase in the near future.
I haven't been able to have this question clarified so I thought I'd ask on the forums. So here it is:
"In Record are you able to record any of the synths Thor/maelstrom & subtractor as audio waveform instead of MIDI? OR is it still just MIDI and the program Record just allows you to record DI into the program, and your guitar, vocals etc would be audio waveform?"
I hope thats clear, I mainly focus on work with thor but would love to be able to edit my samples as audio waveform as opposed to MIDI. I hate re-wiring into ableton, or exporting out and then importing back into a sampler.
It would help workflow a lot more if it was possible to switch between the synths recording in MIDI or audio waveform.
So is that possible? I haven't seen a video or thread yet about it.

Sorry if its a complete noob question, haha. Just haven't been able to find much about Record thats hasn't already been said.