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MIDI drum mapping: probably asked a million times

Okay, cut me some slack, I am SO new to this whole thing. If you have no patience for a noob like me, I need not waste your time.
Anyway, here's the deal.
I have messed with reason before and am gonna buy the full version pretty soon, as well as reason drum kits refill. However, I want to use reason drum kits with my cheap-piece yahama DTXplorer edrum kit. You can NOT change the midi information sent from this drum set. I repeat, the midi notes this drum kit sends are not changeable via drum brain. Is that gonna conflict with reason drum kits? How do you even work with reason drum kits? could someone please explain how reason drum kits work and if they could work full-editable with my cheap piece-of-kit. I would really hate to spend all that money just to have to buy another drum set.

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