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Necessary things needed for an electro house home studio?

Hey guys, im pretty new to Reason, but i'm actually really starting to get the hang of it pretty well. I really only do Electro house, progressive house tracks. But my question is, what is good for a somewhat noob studio setup? whats really necessary for making my tracks sounds super clear (besides mastering) and really give me a better studio feel. I'm running a powermac g5 with 3g or ram, and a 1tb hd. I have a Alesis q25 keyboard for making some leads and stuff (i love it!). but thats about it. What else would really make a difference in my tracks? like sounds cards? or like drum pads? just stuff that isnt really expensive that makes a difference in the quality of an electro house track. Just post the things you think would be the most beneficial towards my music making! thanks a lot!