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Post a possible solution to using reason as vst

NOTE TO PHeads: i would sincerely like to know the opinion of propellerheads on this one,so please acknowledge if any of the DEVs has actually read this...a "yes we've read this" from the propellereads's team would be really appreciated as im doubtful whether the devs actually read this forum nowadays(i know u used to earlier)

hear me out on this one and please dont start flaming...its just a thought,if u dont like it,u can ignore it without starting a flame war.

differences between using reason and vsti.

vsti :
1.drag drop and play

reason :
1.start host then start reason
2.create midi track in host
3.create device in reason
4.route reason device's output to hardware interface
5.route host's midi track out to device
6.create track and get hardware interface out into its channel

ableton has removed a few steps and made the process shorter with the introduction of "external instrument".

now this may not seem like a long process,but doing this day in day out,most people get turned off by least i do.i feel reason's routing capabilities are phenomenal,but this does not mean that the user has to perform such a long process everytime. the routing should be used to get creative juices flowing not the other way round.

my suggestion.

VST MODE switch in preferences(i dont really care if they call it anything else)

what happens when reason runs in this mode?

1. the default routing of devices changes.

in reason the device is not routed to the mixer,but to the hardware interface.
in record it stops creating channel strips and routs by default to hardwre interface (or) creates channel strips but routs the direct outs to the hardware interface when an instrument is created.

2.a new protocol is developed call it RE-whatever...
what happens with this protocol ?

1. a reasondevice.dll is added into the vstplugins folder.

description of the reasonvst device :

its very much like the external instrument in ableton but with a difference.
when loaded,it sends a command to reason to create a combinator.
automatically routes midi to the combi and routes the hardware interface input to the audioout.(remember the default routing changes in this mode,and the device is automatically routed to hardware interface) can access refills and combi patchs inside them.

GUI of reason vst device :

basically it just shows up like a combinator faceplate.however works like a midi controller,moving knobs on this device move the knobs on the combinator loaded in reason.
loading a patch in this doesnt actually load it but just tells reason to load it.

so now the process is just like vstis...just drag n drop reason vst, and it will automatically create the combi in reason,now u can load up any patch and start playing it.
doing it only for the combi means that the props dont have to create this for every device.
but since any device can be put in a combi,the user can access any instrument.

and slowly as reason upgrades,the combi can be upgraded to have more controls.

so ppl can create complex patches give relevant controls on to combi faceplate and access it like a vst in their host.

again i request to not start a war on this one,u have a choice to ignore this if u do not approve of this suggestion.



EDIT : additionally the device could check if reason is running,if not it could automatically start reason.

this method also cuts down having to save two files,u really dont need to save the reason file.
eg,in ableton u save a file with 5 reason vsts,whn u load this set,itll automatically start reason and load up the combis in the reason rack with the presets.

Also in this mode(vst mode or instrument mode or plugin mode...) reason could run quietly in the system tray being invisible,but you could open the rack if u need 2.

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