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New to rebirth, absent usable features

I would like to say this is the first propellerhead product I have ever bought, also I have never used rebirth. I have been working with sound for over 15 years and never got around to using rebirth, I mainly use trackers style software like Renoise and FL (5 or 6 years ago when I used to use windows). But mainly I prefer physical instruments, my MS2000 is my fav... I also have a stack of drum machines.

Anyway I have zero familiarity with rebirth and the iPhone version is completely unreadable to me. I cannot use the app if I cannot see what I am tweaking (I am very unhappy about this BTW). Please please please improve the graphics because right now the app is garbage until this is fixed. I can imagine this would not be a problem for seasoned rebirth users who already are familiar with rebirth layout and parameters, but this is not the case for me.

Also "share" seems to be the only way to move an rbs file from one device to another. I very much do not like this feature. FTP would be preferable or even iTunes could be used as a means to move files from one device to another. I do not like my incomplete projects floating around on the propellerhead server. This is a huge reason for me to not use this app at all.

Audio copy is a big one for me. I know the iPad version has it, but I was hoping the iPhone version would either already have audio copy or would be getting it shortly. When I have a choice between am app with audio copy and paste and an app without audio copy and paste, I always pick the one with copy and paste even if it's twice the cost. Apps without audio copy and paste are way to problematic to work with. And rebirth really needs to have an export to wav or aif fuction.

I know I am being pretty critical, but I have been using some amazing apps for my iPhone and iPad lately and I feel very let down for my first propellerhead experience. Sure I know it's not the same as the other products, but I have read glowing reviews or rebirth and I am very disappointed with rebirth for iPhone.

Any suggestions would be appreciated, also any indication of features (such as audio copy or export to wav, improved graphics ect.) coming soon to rebirth for iPhone would be helpful.