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Selling new/unused Waves plugins!

Hey Reason community, if you're using Reason via Rewire these plug-ins are a must have for any music producer.

I am selling the following plug-ins:

Waves C1 V8 (Native)

Waves Renaissance Compressor V8 (Native)

Waves Renaissance Equalizer V8 (Native)

Waves Renaissance Reverb V8 (Native)

Waves S1 V8 (Native)

These came as a bundle from the college I go to and I can not sell them separately. You must have an ilok ( to register and use them, and I can't accept refunds. The bundle doesn't have an expiration date and once registered they are yours. This would be a $387 purchase through Waves, but I'm selling mine for $250. I can accept payments via Paypal ( I go to Berklee College of Music and since I'm a dual major I had to buy two software bundles that included two of these Wave bundles. One I'm using for myself and I'm loving them, and since I have no use for owning duplicates I'm selling this bundle.

Thanks, Jeshua