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Originally Posted by Molec View Post
Surely midi out would make R/R too much like every other DAW!
I'm not going to go into a deeper discussion regarding this (apart from this post) but from my perspective what you are saying is similar to when props said that they don't want Reason to become a "me too" product (on the topic of plugins and audio in).

In my humble opinion there's so much more to R/R that makes it unique. The notion that R/R would become a "me too" product just because it has MIDI-Out or whatever is almost absurd, and it's also a very degrading remark (I don't understand why you would degrade your own product like that?), because if it was true then people would have surely gone for the "me too" products already.

Reason and Record make up a lovely, unique and stable productline that I love to use and swear by and I don't see that the addition of MIDI-Out would change that.