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insane reason bug > wont save because of supposed missing file


ive wasted lots of my time on a track because it wouldnt save.

what bullshit is this?

i`ll explain, i was busy with a track; was saving throughout the entire day; i`m used to programs malfunctioning so i save basically every 5 - 10 minutes, yes i have that much confidence in todays shitty technology.

anyway, so i didnt save for about 30 minutes, thought hey, no big deal, my laptop never crashes or whatever; so i decided to save after 45 minutes orso and suddenly reason refused to save because a supposed file is missing which isnt missing at all; wtf?

reason then suggests that i save under another name perhaps even in another folder, which then refuses to save... uh right, great advice.

so i delete the kickdrum (thinking i would replace it afterwards) only to find out that reason decides that another file is missing when i wanted to save. slightly annoyed and frustrated i delete that file only to conclude that reason yet again decides another file is missing; seriously what kind of stupid bug is this; none of the files where actually missing and all files have their boxes marked in the self-contained settings.

i`ve had this bullshit before just a couple of days ago, but it just went away, but now its back. i`m religously saving every 30 seconds to make sure i dont waste my damned time.

with my luck, nobody knows whats going on and its a special bug, especially for me.

if not; please fix this shit with a patch or something; this is just stupid...

thanks in advance.