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Sequencer: Combine Song and Edit Modes

I've been wondering how the sequencer could be adapted to allow editing while viewing the other tracks and it just hit me. It only requires one small graphic change!

The change would be to combine Edit Mode and Song Mode. Or to put it another way, the change would be to allow Edit Mode to exist within Song Mode. Here's how I see it working.

Just like now, when you double-click on a clip, you are taken into edit mode on that track/clip. With my suggestion, the difference would be that you will still 'see' all the other tracks above and below the one you're editing. And also just like now, if you click on another track on the left hand side of the screen, you will be taken to that track's edit mode. When you leave edit mode, the edit 'area' will be collapsed back into the 'clip' display.

Here's a few tracks in Song Mode:

This is the result of going into Edit Mode on the Subtractor Track, SEE? :-)

There's a few graphics irregularities that I didn't clean up, but this is the basic idea.

Everything is still exactly as it was in the previous Edit Mode, except for allowing the other tracks to be seen - nothing else should need to be changed. The Edit 'Window' can easily be expanded to fill the entire screen if desired, to function and look just like before.

This is a very simple graphic change that could make editing WAY easier and more 'in context' with all of the other tracks, without changing anything in the current workflow including key commands etc.

The only change would be is that (in Edit Mode) you will be able to see the other tracks, to allow you to do things like scroll around and grab a track and move it closer to the one you're editing (for visual reference).

Simple change - big results, IMHO!
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