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Propellerhead Teams Up with NativeInstruments

I am a Propellerhead dude i traded pro tools 8 for Record and i produce and record everything on just Reason 5 and Record 1.5 but i also like the kool stuff that Native Instruments make ,yes i get propellerhead is never gone let plug ins work with it but it would be a dream come true if my all time favorite music software company Propellerhead would team up with native instruments to create a new instrument For the Reason Rack that would let me use all native instruments plug ins or there sounds i my self own Komplete 7 but i can not use it with Reason and that KILLS me.NO i do not Like ReWire ..I dont want to ever leave Reason Record So i want something with in it that would work with my NI but i guess thats just asking for plug ins to work with reason and we all know the answer to that question a BIG FAT NO. would love to see Propellerhead and Native Instruments Become Batman and Robin Lol Make some ass Kicking music.