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Originally Posted by emzy21 View Post
Hey guys my concern is the audio quality after exporting a song out of Reason 5. My exported songs sound muddy. In the program they sound great. I'm not sure if its because the levels on certain instruments are peaking or not. I've tried adjusting everything to where nothing is peaking but then it sounds very "weak". It seems lowering the volume level dramatically reduces the punch or power of an instrument leaving me very unsatisfied. I guess my main question is there a happy medium? Or am I doing something wrong or missing something entirely?

The audio quality of your exported track should be no different from what you hear inside Reason if you're exporting it at 16bit 44.1khz or higher.

Taking the volume down will make things sound more "weak" because suddenly they're not as loud. A tip is to make sure nothing is peaking (don't let a channel hit the red/0dB) and after that you can compress and maximize your whole mix if you want.

Just for emphasis though: it should sound the same in Reason as the .wav/.aif you exported. Got any more info?