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Originally Posted by emzy21 View Post
Hmm.. It's definitely much more clear and pronounced before I export it. If the audio quality should be no different then I'm missing something. Like I said it seems when I adjust the track levels to eliminate all peaking it sounds weak. Is there a way to see the dB of a track on the mixer? How can I compress and maximize the whole mix? Isn't that already applied in the mastering suite? I'm sorry I've only been using a DAW for a little over a year now and I'm still learning about it all. I appreciate your replies!
If the matsering suite is not bypassed, it should apply limiting to your mix at least. You might have to open it up to turn on the compression.

In Reason's mixer it is a bit harder to see the exact dB of a track, easier when using Record. However if you turn on the "Big Meter" by clicking the button WAY up top at the Hardware interface and then using the "Channel" rotary on it to select output 1-2 you will see the levels of your entire mix. If you then solo a track in your mixer you'll see that channel's dB live. Remember to BYPASS the mastering suite when doing this so you will see the level BEFORE compression/limiting too.

Feel free to post an .rns file and I'm sure people will take a look at it and try to figure out why you hear a drop in audio quality. Like I said, there really shouldn't be a difference between the audio you hear inside Reason from when you've exported it.