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Originally Posted by emzy21 View Post
Hmm.. It's definitely much more clear and pronounced before I export it. If the audio quality should be no different then I'm missing something. Like I said it seems when I adjust the track levels to eliminate all peaking it sounds weak. Is there a way to see the dB of a track on the mixer? How can I compress and maximize the whole mix? Isn't that already applied in the mastering suite? I'm sorry I've only been using a DAW for a little over a year now and I'm still learning about it all. I appreciate your replies!
This comes up again and again over time, and in each case it's been some sort of use error or 'flaw' in the comparison between the before and after files. There has not yet be one case of a confirmed 'difference' of any sort between the bounced file and the original file. Even a slight difference of a decibel or two will make you think that one track sounds 'better' (when it's only louder). So you gotta be sure you are actually comparing the two track fairly.

The simplest mastering approach (mainly to prevent clipping and gain some perceived loudness) is to put a Maximizer as the final device in the Master Insert (checking to be sure the 'signal path' is set to "INSERTS PRE COMPRESSOR" is NOT set (the default). On the new Maximizer, click on "4ms Lookahead", and then adjust your input level until you see a few dBs on the gain reduction meter. :-)
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