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Dedicated features for Reason on stage

Given Reason seems to be used more and more by live musicians as a great "in-the-box" replacement to hardware synths on stage, it would be great for Reason to introduce some more 'live' specific features intended purely for stage use.

I use Reason on stage to control all our midi controllers set up, with each patch being inside a Combinator, and mapping in the combinator being used to separate out different parts to different controllers.

What I've noticed is that Reason is now using a constant 20% of CPU, even when no notes are being played, which I assume is just all the active components sitting in the session ready to make noise.

Which brings me to this list of features I think would be great to be introduced for reliable stage performance...
  • A way to make it so only selected instruments in your rack are active at any one time (then CPU resources are only used for the active instrument)
  • An easy way to change from instrument to instrument from a controller, thus removing the need for any keyboard/mouse interaction on stage (I'm aware there's a couple of basic functions in place here such as move up/down sequencer, or up/down combinator patch... but could be improved upon!)
  • A way to choose which device from Reasons registered devices and controllers that an instrument will respond to (eg. One subtractor takes input from a 25-key controller for bass synths, and another subtractor takes input from a 49-key controller for lead synths). This would beat the current method of just mapping particular octaves to different instruments in Combinator, and having your devices permanently set on those octaves.
  • More extensive mapping options for situations where multiple controllers are connected to the one Reason brain. Things such as isolation of the pitch/mod wheels, so if one controller is pitch bending up, another one could be pitching bending down, without either effecting each other (just an example)
  • A slightly different view - perhaps the sequencer isnt even needed given everything is being performed live
  • Some slightly more detailed system usage statistics. Every live musician is always paranoid about how stable his laptop is when its running half the noise you hear on stage at times.
  • A 'Live' mode or view within Reason, or dedicated version of the software which could house all these additional features!!

Anyone else have some wish-list features for using it on stage? We can dream right??

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