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Post #63 - Effects Bypass Methods inside a Combinator

I'm back to annoy everyone with a new tutorial. This one is more educational, and less creative patching through a million miles of cable.

What you will learn:
- Simple bypass of the original unprocessed sound and the affected sound; placing the switch on a Combinator button
- Switching between 3 parameters (the Triple Switch), so that you can switch between 2 effects as well as the unprocessed sound.
- Creating a bypass for keyed effects. If you have effects on your keys, here's a method to have the effects heard when keys are pressed, and let the unprocessed sound play through when the keys are not pressed.

What you get for your trouble:
- Example File with 2 example Combinators
- An update to my 3 "Key FluX FX Processor" Combinators

Happy Reasoning.