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Completely agree, I was thinking the same just today.

Who can honestly hold their hands up and say they have got all they can out of R&R? I certainly can't, I love finding out new elements and seeing new tutorials from the pros on here, the Boyinabands, Hydlides, PhiSequences etc

You are right to highlight things need work. Those that think a song will come to them on a platter are mistaken. If there is a feature that you have worked on for hours, thought about and can't replicate in R&R, then OK, you need alternatives. Still doesn't mean Reason is rubbish or that it didn't inspire you originally!!

In the early 90s people wrote some great tunes (ok I am from the ravey era) with basic synths and samplers and very little of the technology we have today. It didn't stop their being creative and the songs memorable!

And who's to say there aren't lots of folks on Protools, Ableton, Cubase etc forums moaning about features that we have and take for granted in R&R.

We all want perfection, but nothing is perfect. There is not a perfect DAW out there. If there was, there would only be one on the market, unless it was so hideously expensive on price grounds that only the very rich could afford it anyway. That would create a separate barrier of entry to the music business, and deny all of us the joy of making music.

Plenty of people use R&R as part of a wider music process, including those on the MMM videos. If that is the way to go, so be it. Let the Props do what they are very, very good at in writing some great software that helps us all create, and developing new elements with high quality when they can!

Of course I would love to see updates, they are very exciting, but right now i have a lot to learn on Reason 5 and Record 1.5.

Moan over, thanks for reading