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Short letter to overly satisfied users who have no understanding of why some users are dissatisfied:

Over the years I've been using Logic, Live, Mulab, Studio One, Garageband, Cakewalk, R+R and even Pro Tools (yuck!). I ended up using R+R in my home studio, because it's self contained and runs smoothly on my Macbook Pro. I still use Logic at work.
My problem isn't that R+R can't do everything, but it's just that it doesn't have the "simple" things I expect, like drag'n'drop, midi-clock out, dynamic note grid, built in browser etc.
This makes R+R feel old, since it's basically standard in every other audio application I use and can have a huge impact on workflow.

The other pivotal thing is that Propellerhead need to eventually break out of their pattern of not updating and enhancing the rack. To solve this issue they've started to add built-in effects into the new instrument devices, so there will be no "overlapping" type of effects like the overdrive or reverb.
If Propellerhead can make the entire Reason rack up to date and start implementing basic UI features that are missing they will at least be catching up.
IMO it would be even better if they dared to completely redefine and rebuild Reason for the new decade and yet again be the pioneers of industry.

Trust me I love Reason and the whole rack system, but I love innovation and new technology even more. Technology has always been one of the pivotal driving forces of modern popular music - just look at Ableton Live or Recycle.