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Well thought out message and I generally agree with the sentiment, but I personally wouldn't want to see the forums dumbed down to people just patting Propellerhead on their backs. That's not the way to provide feedback (even if it is terse or comes across whingey from time to time).

The fact that people are investing their time to criticise and provide feedback is generally an indication they're sticking with the software and want to see it made better (from their perspective). That's better than disgruntled users disappearing from the forums never to be heard of again.

I don't think that Reason and Record is just fine, just because it's better / more stable / easier to use than the competition. Great software vendors don't innovate by looking over their shoulders.

I'm sure the Props team don't take the negative messages personally. They extract the essence of what seems to be bugging users, then qualify as they see fit, pass through their product strategy and marketing filters as an input into where they want to take their product.

The more feedback the better. It's up to the rest of us not to be disaffected by the opinions of other users.