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Originally Posted by tiftof View Post
Short letter to overly satisfied users who have no understanding of why some users are dissatisfied

I thought I had addressed users such as you in paragraph two of my letter, starting with sentence three. I have no issue with feature requests whatsoever. People want what they want. There's nothing wrong with that. As I said, "... suggest away."

I don't feel that I am "overly satisfied," nor do I feel I am a given to hero worship, making goo-goo eyes every time I see a picture of Ernst Nathorst-Böös or James Bernard. What I think is that Reason/Record is a very good product. I'm impressed with it. Simple as that. For myself, I know that it will be years and years before I master what's there already, let alone what might be coming down the pike. You may be light years ahead of me, and therefore, ready for more.

Propellerhead has their own internal development schedule, which of course, none of us are privy to. I'm sure user requests play a significant part in how feature development gets prioritized; I mean they did establish the Feature Suggestions forum, after all.

No, Propellerhead is not a charity, but neither are we shareholders. It's still there thing to do with as they please.

But now, I'm starting to sound defensive, so I'll shut up.
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