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Suggestion Forum Suggestion: Scrap Suggestion Forum for suggestions

Because it doesn't really work.

Suggested replacement: Ideascale, or an ideascale like interface for the propellerhead site.

With ideascale, requests each have their own dedicated thread. There are not 100 different threads all requesting the same thing like there is here with VST's and 64 bit rewire.

With ideascale, members can vote suggestions up or down and add into the discussion and ideas on implementation. The closest this forum has ever come to a running discussion is the midi out thread. Running threads are the exception not the rule in this forum, which just results in clutter that keeps new ideas overwhelmed by multiple threads with one or two replies, all of which are just rehashing the same idea in different threads.

Even Avid, who had a bad CS reputation, did this for the eleven rack:

The rest of the propellerhead site is well done so they have people who know what they're doing. But the forums have stayed the same for as long as I've been here and it gives the impression that user feedback isn't a high priority.