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Originally Posted by tstooksbury View Post
Yeah it would be nice to save presets. And maybe have a few starter ones. Like a kick preset so i can starting working with that.
I can give you about a thousand kick eq presets if you like, all I have to do is open the last thousand songs I mixed and there you go! That's about one for each and every kick on each and every song. Some of them have low end boosted, some even have low end cut, some have a slightly higher low end boost, some slightly lower. There's just about every possible EQ setting you could imagine! It will take you about an hour to go through them all (for each mix), but then you'll have the perfect preset! But beware, you WILL have to tweak the preset a bit, probably changing the frequency, Q and boost cut amount on each band, but it will be worth it because you will have started with a preset and cut out about 5-10% of the actual work! Good Luck! :-)

[sarcasm mode off]

Seriously, you'll have to create the preset yourself for it to have ANY meaning, and even then, you'll be changing most of it anyway. I once made a preset for my 1967 Gretsch kick, for when I record that drum with a 421 mic and API preamp. Thought I'd save some time, but even being as specific as that, the preset didn't even come close to working over half the time. SO I realized that if "I" couldn't use "MY" preset for the same exact kick, and have it even come close to working half the time, then there's little chance for finding the "Perfect" starting kick preset for anyone. But that's me. I'm happy to share my kick eq settings, you just gotta let me know which one you want! ;-)

But here's what I typically do with kick eq - boost some lows, with either low shelf or parametric somewhere from 40 Hz to 120 Hz, cut some lower mids with a more narrow parametric, somewhere from 200 to 600 hz, boost some attack with a parametric or high shelf, somewhere between 2 - 6 kHz. Sometimes I do the opposite, or sometimes I do something in between. But what I REALLY do each and every time is to listen to the track to hear what's wrong and make the appropriate adjustments - you can't know what needs to be EQ'ed without listening to the entire mix, and so how can a preset "know" what needs to be EQ'ed?

Still want presets? Just do it!
SO why not just create a song file template with a kick track EQ already setup for yourself? Just look at the last few songs you mixed and use the eq setting from the kicks on that song. Or use a demo song from R/R. But chances are that you'll end up tweaking it more to get it to work than if you started from the initialized EQ settings. :-)

As always, YMMV.
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