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Balance Performance vs 3rd Party Audio Interface

Hello Props!

Quick question about the Balance - I am assuming since there is no audio driver required on the Mac, that the Balance uses the native underlying sound architecture of Reason. I assume when Core Audio, ASIO, DirectX, or other 3rd party sound drivers are used in Reason, that Reason has to do more processing in order to convert sound signals from those sources into whatever native sound architecture it uses - like an extra conversion layer.

My question is, since the Balance does not have to work through a 3rd party sound driver, can we expect better performance from Reason while using it, and lower latency?

Also, if no audio driver is required on the Mac, why is one required on the PC?

Thanks in advance for your help.

P.S. - Mattias - thanks for all your posts today. I don't visit the forums much, but when I do it's awesome to see the Props interfacing directly with their users. Keep up the great work.

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