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SSL channel strip as standalone device

This has probably been mentioned before, but perhaps worth discussing now Reason + Record have been merged.

One of the most prolifically useful elements of Reason has always been the combinator. Being able to combine limitless synth/effect chains into a single, playable instrument is almost unrivalled in any other application.

Since Record, and now in Reason 6, we have the SSL channel strip, a great sound-sclupting tool at our disposal for dynamics and EQ.

The problem I have found is, if for example, I set up a drum kit, I route the kick, snare, hihats, toms, through seperate mix channels on the SSL, EQ and compress/gate each to taste, making use of the character of the SSL channel strip. Now I'm happy with this sound, but I'm now stuck with it in this project, transferring it to another project would be a whole load of messing around.

Hence, when setting up this kind of multi-output instrument, it would be really useful to have access to a standalone rack unit SSL channel strip. Then I could wrap all these things up inside a combinator. Obviously there'd be some messing around rerouting and copying channel settings if i've set it up in the mixer, but it would be there for immediate use in any other project.

Anybody else fancy a standalone SSL channel strip?