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I love love love Reason. I cannot overstate that... BUT, there is one gleaming problem from my perspective.

First, let me say that I still use my MPC ALOT despite my love for Reason. There are many reasons, but my biggest reason (no pun intended) is due to its built-in ability to chop samples. It's all right there. Not in some outside piece of hardware.

I view Reason more like an Virtual MPC than as a DAW.

Why then, can't chopping be part of Reason. I love Recycle, but there is not a bigger creativity blocker for me to have to go outside of Reason, to find my audio files, load, chop, save, go to Reason, look for file, load, rinse, repeat.

If it was all in Reason, it would totally smooth my workflow quite a bit. Sometimes I have to admit that I will shut down Reason and fire up the MPC when I feel like being creative and not interrupted.

Just my 2 cents. I still love Reason.