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My only wish for reason

The day when reason can be used AS a VST or equivalent in other host programs such as Live for example.
Individually or as a whole rack, whichever.
Rewire comes close, but there are too many limitations that Reason has become an afterthought or only used specifically for a certain refill.
It's the one thing that has kept me from truly utilizing Reason on an everyday basis. I'm directing this thread at Propellorheads, I know this raises the shackles on those who deem Reason as a standalone application, but that to me is the equivalent of saying 'I'm starting a band but only for hurdy gurdy and washboards".
If one could seamlessly integrate audio in both applications or any other DAW, it really would be my last request ever.
I just can't get the workflow using rewire, as much as I've tried, and truly believe that having Reason as a VST would make this such a robust experience that it would jump sales that PROPs would never look back. Doesn't mean that it couldn't be used as a standalone DAW, just one additional feature that would allow users to use Reason in a whole new way.
Personally, it's because of this that when I look for additional sounds or loops, Reason is the last place I look, it's just much easier to stay within another DAW. With that said, having Reason able to integrate better within other systems, it would be the first place I would go.
I don't even see this as a point of argument, Reason at the end of the day, is a creative tool, and having this OPTION would open up so many possibilities, that I truly believe would create such a resounding approval within the audio community, that it would become the MUST HAVE application, more than any other VST on the market.
For those who want to stay within the realm of just Reason, no harm done, but those of us who enjoy Reason as well as other applications, there has been a workflow issue that never truly has been addressed. I've heard the argument of stability, but that never really made any sense to me, if other companies such as NI or Spectrasonics can create stable platforms that are just as complex as Reason, why hasn't Reason even attempted to explore this area.
I've requested this before, and I know they were following the Record direction, now integrating Record directly into Reason. Using Reason as a VST seems like such an overlooked benefit that there a many musicians that have moved on to using more complete solutions, abandoning Reason, in favor of a easier workflow.
And as Reason keeps adding better and cooler effects and modules, it becomes a more painful and urgent request, because I don't want to abandon either Live or Reason, but haven't upgraded since version 4, because I can justify the additional cost at the expense of workflow.