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MIDI Program Change ?

I don't know whether I have misunderstood here, but MIDI Program Change is understood now in Reason ?

Since when ? and of course for what purpose ? Ableton Live's use of MIDI Program Change is just bizarre, and is used where theoretically even simple note numbers would suffice, but MPC commands are apparently frozen in function there.

I have been under the impression that Reason has been the same in that regard. I would be very happy to be wrong.

The need I'm looking to fill is to have a pool of 128 presets accessible on any of the 16 MIDI channels at any time. A Program Change command could be received on a single MIDI Channel, or even multiple MIDI channels. The sounds should all respond accordingly.

I'd Love to hear your insights on this. As I've said, this would be news to me, and very good and welcome news at that !