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Thumbs up BBC Philharmonic Presents...Nero's Dubstep Symphony

BBC Philharmonic Presents...Nero's Dubstep Symphony

Completely O/T but... worth listening, especially those that like Music mashups, Orchestral mixed with something else and... DubStep fans (jump to 04:52)

Edit: After listening the all thing... I was hoping for more DubStep and less strings... but, this gave me some ideas

but... yeah, was hoping for more Dubstep. This piece looks just like any other Orchestral piece with some tiny bits of electronic.

Was hoping for a better, more integrated and balanced mashup of styles, honestly.

Loved it up until 11:30 and especially from 04:53 to 05:53 and 15:00..17:28 was cool too.
(around 11:00 reminds me of GTA IV )

There's also some weird notes in the middle, between the orchestral part and the electronic part (some wrong notes being triggered on the electronic side!? 11:40..12:10).
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