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A debate: what is music?

Reposted/lifted up out of the Feature request forum. It didn't fit there.

I usually avoid "I want VST" threads, but this has turned into the most entertaining insanity I've read in quite a while.

Here's a scenario:

A class of children sits in an auditorium. On stage is a pianist playing a piano and singing. She (the pianist) is being accompanied by a man playing a VST on his laptop via a midi controller, he is playing a bassline. Next to them is young woman triggering drum loops on an old akai sampler. Next to *her* is a tape recorder playing back a collection of children's songs. Everyone on stage is performing in time with the tape.

Now, answer these:

1) Are the children in the audience listening to music?
2) The sounds the children are hearing, is it all music, or only partly?
3) Which of the four sound generating things on stage are musicians? Instruments?
4) Where is the music in this scenario?
5) Where in this scene does music stop being music? (Maybe it doesn't? Opinions differ.)

I'm eagerly awaiting a fireball of opinion!

(I'll voice mine opinion later.)

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