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Free Download | reijo - Welcome to America

I wrote this song years ago in what I felt was a strong reflection of the direction things were going and where I felt there was some conflict pulling at all sides. Since the song was written things have changed and the song has become more and more true each day this song exists. That's why I wanted to share it with everyone here on the Prop's forum. We're building weakness on top of weakness simply so someone doesn't have to be the one to fix the actual hole.

Download this song. Feel free to pass it around. Listen to it. And just enjoy it. There is a lot of wrong these days but our wrongs can be corrected. It just requires some strength. I get the strength from this song.

Thank you for letting me share it. I want you to download it and send it to friends and just hope that a few people know it's ok to be frustrated too. Just because the media doesn't talk about the essence of the problems doesn't mean it's wrong to think something is amiss. I hope you can help me get it out to people. Just download it. Listen to it. Whatever you want to do. You don't have to but I know we've got so much wrong that it's time to change and I feel art can do that.


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