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Record should install a virtual audio device to allow audio in from ext apps

Hi all,

why the hell is my account so restricted, I cant even post this in the "suggested features" sub-forum.
Anyway, I am trailling Record 1.5 and it looks I won't be purchasing this.

I know there is no VST support to maintain stability, I get it, but, there should be an alternative method to simply and easily route audio from external apps.

E.G I want the audio from Guitar Rig 4 stand alone, to be passed to an audio track in Record.
If Record installed a virtual audio device, I could make Guitar Rig output the audio to that virtual audio device, then within record, I could simply select that virtual audio device as in input.

I have tried to achieve this with VAC, (virtual audio cable), but Record doesn't recognise the VAC device as having any inputs,

I tried the same with the ReaRoute device installed by the Reaper DAW (which BTW I dont want to go down the route of installing another bloody DAW just to route some audio), and it keeps crashing.

Dont support VSTs, fine, but at least let us pass our Audio into Record/Reason directly from other apps.

BTW, Does anyone have a way to get Guitar Rig output audio to succesffully route to Record?

I've searched and tried all the suggestions but its failing... hard.