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Thoughts on chopping samples in Reason, Kong, Maschine

So, I love Kong it is better than sliced bread with the option of butter or gravy. But one thing keeps me using Maschine for chopping samples and that is just the raw speed of it.

For example in Maschine you record in your sample, then edit the start and stop times on the pad, then duplicate the pad and move on to the next part of the sample

In kong, you can record a sample, but if you duplicate the pad and edit the second pad it edits the first one as well ARRRGHH I wish there was a way to not do that.

So the fastest way I have found to chop samples in Reason is to record the audio on to the time line, use the shortcut keys for zooming make sure "snap to" is turned off and create a bunch of clips in the time line, then select them and right click and say create new clips (or something like that I am not in front of Reason right now)

Then you can load all those edited clips in to kong in one pass. And this actually works really well. But the Maschine way is better.

So maybe I am missing a way to do it, and that would rock. But if not could you add something like this? That would be awesome!