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Help Please - Reason 5.0.1 Update Problem!


So within the past week I kept getting this error message when I went to add my MIDI keyboard in "keyboard and control surfaces." It would tell me that the remote drivers could not be found. I figured maybe I needed an update. So I went to "help" and clicked "check for updates." I updated to the newest 5.0.1. I thought this will solve the problem. But it did not.

Now the error does not show up when I click "add", but when I do click "add" the "control surface" window shows up and I click "manufacture" and I only have two options: Behringer & Korg. I remember there being more options and in fact I remember their being the option of "other." I have never experienced this problem before as I have been using Reason for a long time.

I currently use a Yamaha PSR-295 [Not the best keyboard but used for MIDI purposes] and an Akai LPK25. Where it says "name" in control surface, I have typed in both keyboard models and I am refrained from clicking ok.

This is beginning to really frustrate me as I have not been able to produce music for the last couple of days. If so can you please help?! Truly appreciate it. By the way, I am using windows 7 64 bit.