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Reason Drum Kit vs Superior Drummer vs Addictive Drums or...

I am looking to buy one of the above.
I would be using the kits for pop, rock, hard rock, prog and a little bit of metal.
Are any of the VST kits better than RDK? If so, how?

I'm not exactly sure what is in Reason Drum Kits. How many kits are in there? There is a video on the refill page, but it's not spelled out exactly like in, for instance, Reason Bass Refill info page --which says what the basses are and gives audio examples of each.

Also, everyone talks about RDK 2. Was there a v1 of RDK?
Which one is in the Rhythm Combo?

VST drums. What I like about that setup, is dragging a midi file onto my track in Reaper. In Record, I can't drag and drop files onto my drum track, but each time i import a file, it sets up an ID8 which I then have to delete- a bit of a pita.

How are the midi files in RDK compared to EZ, Superior, Addictive etc..? Are there a lot? Are they better or comparable in quality? How are they mapped?

Since RDK kits appear to be in the combinators in the video, there is just stereo out? Or are there NN-XTs to have multi channel outs?

Any insights would be greatly appreciated.
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